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Dana Doodle Knits

I started a vlog!

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Comments are off

I’ve been thinking about trying out video for a while, and now I have my first episode!

You can think of this as my blog in video form, same Dana, new medium. Check it out and subscribe!

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WIP Wednesday

Posted on November 4, 2015 by Comments are off

Whaaaa?? I’m alive?! Ok, I feel like I’ve been knitting like a fiend. I have a quite a few FOs to show off, but I’ve actually picked up some projects that haven’t seen the light of day since way earlier in the year.


I’m pretty sure I haven’t worked on these mittens since I was in London, in January. I was sick last week and had a little downtime, which meant a lot of netflix and an entire mitten. I’ve definitely been scoping out other colorwork patterns to start after this is done, it’s been a while and I forgot how fun it is!


I also picked up this poor guy, which I think has been sitting neglected since sometime in 2014. This a sweater for Ty, which probably got really boring around inch 8 of plain stockinette. But honestly, my brain has been so fried recently, it’s been a welcome respite when I want something to work on in the evenings.

Do we see any sort of trend here? Maybe a bit of Brooklyn Tweed obsession? Nah, not me…

I’ll see you again soon! Promise!

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Baby toes and bandwagons

Posted on August 18, 2015 by Comments are off

I have it on good authority that Jamie is truly the cutest baby in the world, and after last weekend I can confirm that’s true. I’ve never met a baby less than two weeks old and I have to say, he was smaller than I was expecting. At that age, if he wasn’t feeding or being changed, he was sleeping. And even though he slept just fine in the cradle, he loves sleeping tummy to tummy with whoever he lands on. Ty was maybe a little freaked out about the baby, but in a tangible way as opposed to the hypothetical paranoia, so I’m calling that progress.


I didn’t manage to take a picture of all the knits together, but he ended up with for pairs of socks, one sweater, one hat, and one blanket. I’m hoping to go down again before the end of the year, so 6 month old patterns are next on my queue.



The other week I saw the call for knitters to be alert for new Clara Yarn at a specific time. Having seen the aftermath of several previous sales, I decided to just go with it and buy right away. Even still, my top two colors sold out before I hit “buy”, but I snagged the multicolor Flowering Kale and I’m certainly not disappointed. This is a very squishable Shetland wool in an aran weight. I have a feeling it’s destined to be a hat once it gets colder.


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Cozy Little Toes

Posted on August 5, 2015 by 1 Comment

I told myself that I could buy the Spoonflower handbook if I wrote a post today, so here I am. I know it’s been forever since I posted, and it was definitely a needed break, but I’ve found myself missing my little piece of the internet. But instead of going on about the break, let’s get to the adorable little baby socks I’ve been knitting!

Alex (of the Alex that made this blog) just had a baby! I’m going down to visit her this weekend, and even though there are several other things I’ve knit for the little one, when he was born last week I just needed to cast on for more baby knits. The pattern is Cozy Little Toes by Judy Kaethler and it’s super simple. The pattern is for 6 weeks and 3 months, and so far I’ve made four pairs of the 6 weeks. Probably by the third sock I had the pattern memorized, and it takes about 20g of sock yarn, which is perfect for all my leftovers.


I’m sure once I actually meet the little guy this weekend I’ll be starting many more baby projects. Although hopefully I can get some pictures of his little feet in these socks first!

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Adventures in Peekskill

Posted on April 28, 2015 by Comments are off

This weekend Ty and I went up the Hudson for a little excursion for Ty’s 28th birthday. We had reservations at the Peekskill Brewery for brunch, so we took Metro North up, enjoying the view of the river on the way. The brewery is only about a five-minute walk from the train station and they’re in a gorgeous building that probably used to be some sort of factory. The restaurant is on the second floor, with the bar on the first floor and the third and fourth being the brewery itself, “for employees only”. Every beer that we tried was great, and now that we’ve brewed a decent variety of beer, it was nice to see the different hops and yeast they use for each. The beer being good wasn’t surprising, but what was surprising was how great the food was. Pierogies with maple bacon creme fraiche and pickled mustard seeds, duck confit bon mi, pastrami and gruyere ruben. We didn’t have room for the chipotle maple wings, but we could smell them every time someone ordered them.

yarn bombing peekskill

The town itself was pretty cute, with a used book shop and an antique/gift shop. No yarn or craft shops, which was particularly surprising because of all the yarn bombing. These stanchions near the train station were my first spotting.

yarn bombing peekskill gazebo

And then the entire gazebo in the town. Who is this mystery yarn bomber in Peekskill? It’s got to be multiple people, because that’s a lot of knitting. Well, if you’re looking to open a yarn shop in the area, you might have a ready and willing audience!

Happy knitting!

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What am I doing?

Posted on April 21, 2015 by 1 Comment

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this blog, and why I started it, why I keep writing, what I get out of it. Many times, the thought of writing a blog post has come with a sense of obligation, that I should be writing a post now. Certainly there have been times where I’m so excited about something I can’t wait to share it with everyone, or times where I just have to get something out, even if it’s just to the ether of the internet. The beginning of this blog was nothing if not a public diary, cathartic ramblings, often talking about missing Ty while we were apart, or stressing about school and my future. And I appreciate that I had this blog for that when I needed it. And if you look back at my posting frequency, you can see there have been many lulls, and this month has been one of them.

Recently, getting myself to sit down and write has felt like pulling teeth, and what’s the point of that? What do I get out of it, what do you? I’ve gone back and forth in the last few weeks about what I’m doing with this blog, and whether it’s really worth it. And each time I think about the possibility of closing up shop, I cringe and think “No, no! It’s not dead yet! I can make it work!”. How can this blog, and my designing, be something that I want so much, but at the same time feel like such a burden?

So there it is. I’ve made zero decisions. I doubt this blog is disappearing anytime soon, but I’ve got to stop punishing myself for not posting as regularly as I’d like. Maybe this will once again turn into more of a public diary, and less of a curated look into my personal crafting. Or maybe I’ll just keep reading articles on creativity and buying books on blogging and designing, just to have them sit on the shelf unread. Who knows.

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WIP Wednesday April

Posted on April 5, 2015 by 4 Comments

Glossing over the fact that it’s Sunday, it’s April! And I think it’s finally turning into spring! And we should probably do our taxes soon…


So I’ve been chugging along on the Mill End socks from Sockupied, kind of ignoring my feeling of foreboding after I turned the heel. Tuesday knit night I finally decided to try it on and see if it was actually sock-like. Well, the leg was even tighter than I thought and it barely made it halfway onto my foot. There’s a distinct possibility I did something horribly wrong, so I’m going to check the pattern before I rip the whole thing out. But on the plus side of ripping back, the foot is probably about 2 inches too long. Not my best sock effort.


These socks are going much better, mostly because it’s my standard sock pattern, and that doesn’t fail me very often.


These mittens, well, I’m pretty sure I haven’t touched them since last WIP Wednesday, and now that it’s getting warm out they might stay like this for a while. Unless I get bored of knitting summer-type things, which is definitely a possibility.


Baby sweater! I was realizing that it’s getting quite close to Alex’s due date and I really hadn’t done as much baby knitting as I wanted. So I scanned through 60 Quick Baby Knits and settled on the Fisherman’s Pullover, using some honest-to-goodness stash yarn. Baby things knit up so beautifully quickly, I think I could get addicted.

And that’s it for now, because if I try to get anything else in this won’t be posted till May. Happy knitting!


P.S. Here’s your monthly reminder that if you’d like to receive my blog posts in your inbox, you can subscribe by email to the blog either on the right side of this page or by clicking here.


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Pompom Mania: The Final Chapter

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Comments are off

I’m a tiny bit late with this, seeing as it went up on the first day of spring. But behold the awesomeness that is Martha’s pompom mosaic!


This is the “back”, from inside the shop. There are over 1500 pompoms in this thing, and probably about half of them were made by people who didn’t even know what the final project was going to be. Martha had the crazy idea to have a mosaic of a sunflower for the window at La Casita and they’re just as crazy, so of course they were on board.


This was a pretty massive undertaking, a 4 ft by 4 ft wooden frame with chicken wire stretched over it, and each hole has a pompom. There was a photo that Martha used as a guide, but it’s not like the pixels scaled exactly to the pompoms, nor did we have the perfect shade for every spot, so there was a bit of artistic license.


I say we, because I spent nearly an entire Saturday at her house helping her assemble, I think it started at about 40% filled and we barely made it to 80% filled seven hours later. But you’d be surprised how you can put in 50 pompoms and it hardly makes a dent.


But honestly, Martha was the creator and the rest of us helped where we could, whether by making pompoms, providing yarn, or plain old moral support. It turned out so spectacular, but don’t take my word for it, go down to La Casita and check it out for yourself!

Happy pompom-ing!

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FO: Bristol Hat

Posted on March 24, 2015 by Comments are off

After Thanksgiving last year I had a little self-control issue. I checked out Kristin’s shop and all of a sudden there were three skeins in my cart. I debated getting just two, but as previously stated, my self-control was rather absent, so I ordered them (helped by her evil enabling), they showed up super quick (Brooklyn to Brooklyn mail doesn’t take that long), and then I just stared and petted and generally fell deeper in love with Kristin, I mean, her yarn (yeah, right). It took me until Christmas to decide that the sparkly Blitzed in Neptunia needed to be a hat. And have I mentioned that I don’t normally do sparkle? I mean, I love sparkle and shiny things, I’ve just never really embraced it in my own wardrobe.


I seriously cannot get enough of this hat. This is the Bristol Hat by Amy Christoffers (note to Amy: you really should’ve just named it the Bristol Ivy Hat, because that’s what I end up calling it in my head 95% of the time). The pattern texture is really subtle, especially with this yarn, and though I was a little worried about it at first, I really like the overall effect.


I added several inches to the hat before I started the decreases because I wanted it super slouchy, and with the brim folded up it’s just perfect. And the pompom? That probably has something to do with the pompom mania that’s been going on (big reveal is soon!), but also because I just needed to showcase the yarn as much as I could. So sparkle. Much pom. Very color.

Knit happy!

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My Daily Calendar

Posted on March 19, 2015 by Comments are off

Sometime in December I saw someone post about a daily calendar they were using to track their month of yoga. Somehow I got from there to a blogger that created a calendar to track an entire year, and each day is a bubble you can fill in. On the calendar it says that it’s okay to miss a day, that the point of the calendar was to show you how many little things can add up to something big. The main reason I love it is because it’s so visual, and maybe some people just check off each day instead of filling it in like I do, but you take a step back from it and all the missed days fade into the background.

If you follow me in Instagram you might have noticed that I’ve been tagging my pictures with #photoaday. One of my goals for this year is to post a picture everyday. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest picture, but I wanted to have something on Instagram every day. Some days it’s hard, but I’ve really liked being able to look back at them all.


I printed out a few copies of the calendar, and one of them is to track the days that I blog. I’m certainly not aiming for everyday, but I would like to get up to two a week and this is a really great way to keep an eye on myself, and to get me motivated when I’m feeling lazy. Once Ty saw what I was doing he wanted me to print out a few for him as well, so now he’s tracking things like his morning core exercises, practicing languages with duolingo and a few other things. He said that when he has the whole year spread out in front of him, it helps him keep an eye on the bigger picture, and that he doesn’t feel like he has to get in shape in a week, or learn an entire language in a month, he’s got time.

This particular calendar is 2015 specific, but it’s still early enough in the year, and maybe there are some that aren’t specific to when you start, but I completely suggest getting yourself one if you’ve got big goals that involve tiny daily goals. It’s really allowed me to focus on the big picture, while still keeping me on task.

What are some of your goals?

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